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Today you have very little control over your first impression. Your website, social media, reviews, directory listings, etc, have a far more likely chance to be seen before you are actually seen.

47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesperson from that company. 

Now think, does your digital presence accurately tell people who you are, what you do, and how they can do business with you? Do you make it clear? Is the information consistent?

If not, you may be doing yourself a disservice 😳

Now Just $500

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Your Online Presence Audit Checks...


Website Basics Audit

Your website is your only piece of owned real estate on the internet. It's the only thing you have full control over. Therefore, your website has the largest potential for driving your business new customers.

Ensuring that you have the proper foundation laid on your site can help both bots and people get a good understand of what you offer and that you are a legitement business that does great work.


Facebook Page Audit

Facebook is the second most visited website on the internet. Regardless of whether or not you are posting to Facebook every day, there is still a need to keep an updated presence on Facebook. 

If you use Facebook correctly, it can help your search engine optimization and bring more qualified traffic to your site (without ever posting to it regularly... Not that we encourage that, but just so you don't worry).


Google My Business Audit

Here is the thing, if you don't create or manage your Google My Business (GMB) page, Google will make one for you based on the information they gather from other sources - scary, right?

As you use GMB you will start to notice the abundance of tools it has to offer. Things like taking messages, booking services, showing products, and more. We want you to create the best profile using all of the tools you possibly can.

BONUS: Digital Presence Audit Extras

Get over $250 of Value ON-TOP-OF your Audit

Website Hierarchy of Needs ($50 Value)

Brie E Anderson has put everything she looks for in a fundamentally sound website into an easy to follow framework. You will get access to a video of Brie explaining the hierarchy as well as the checklist she follows and a DIY worksheet.

The Powerful Facebook Page 🔥 ($50 Value)
While they are always changing, the fundamentals are always the same. You will receive a video of Brie E Anderson going through the fundamentals and why they are important.

Be a Google My Business BOSS! ($50 Value)
Much like what was done for both Websites and Facebook Pages, Brie E Anderson has created a quick and easy starter guide for GMB foundations. You'll get the short video, checklist, and a worksheet.

Digital Presence Audit How-To Guide/ E-book ($99 Value)

THIS IS THE BEST ONE! You will get an e-book that covers all of the things checked in our Online Presence Audit and a short blurb about why each is important and how to make simple fixes.

My Personal Notes on Your Business (Priceless)

Listen, I'm a note-taker. So much so that it is kind of embarrassing. If I run into anything that is an issue, I'm going to write it down, even if it is outside of my template. These notes are often invaluable - but I'll upload all of them to you for FREE.