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TikTok Analytics in 2021

I love me some TikTok. Back when there were only two types of accounts (personal and PRO) I switched to Pro in order to get access to analytics.

Today, there are three types of TikTok accounts:

  • personal

  • creator

  • business

Only two of them give you access to analytics - creator and business. Learn how to get access to TikTok Analytics in 2021 below.

TikTok Analytics Explained

TikTok Analytics has four screens. Each of them offer different insights.

1. Overview

The overview shows you your follower growth, video views, and profile visits. This information can help you determine which content is driving profile visits (and hopefully link clicks), as well as which days are best for posting.

2. Content

The content section shows you the videos you posted the last 7 days and how many views they got. It also shows you which of your videos are "trending," or still acquiring the most views.

You can use this information to find patterns in what people are interacting with. This data is also helpful in finding videos that may still be on the for you page - these are videos you should be going back and interacting with yourself. Add comments, comment on viewers' comments, etc.


This is a section that a lot of people really pay attention to. For me, it's not super useful as it doesn't change what I'm going to create much. However, for some, specifically influencers, it can be helpful in "selling" their account.

The two big insights here are the day and times that your followers are online.

4. Live

The last section shows you your live stats. Remember, you have to have over 1,000 followers to go live - so you may not have any data here right away.

Once you've been live you'll see how long you spent on live each day in the last 28 days as well as how many diamonds you acquired during that time. You will also be able to see how many new followers you gained from lives.

TikTok Data to Track on Your Own

For some of this information to really be helpful, you also need to track your own data. For instance, you will want to track what you cover in each of your lives and when you go live. That way you can go back and see which live topics are increasing your follower growth.

Also, consider using a bitly link, UTM codes or a PRO linktree account to gather information on how TikTok users interact with your website.

If you have any questions - feel free to reach out :)

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