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GA4 Agency Training (2hrs)

GA4 Agency Training (2hrs)


This GA4 Agency Training will be a 2-hour, virtual training that can be recorded and stored for the client.


The training will cover the following:



  • Enhanced measurement

  • Data collection

  • Data retention

  • Data Stream settings

    • Tag settings 

  • Google product connections

  • Creating events

  • Defining conversions

  • Creating audiences

  • Pushing parameters to dimensions

  • Debugging



  • Machine learning (personal)

  • Insights

    • And how to create your own



  • What you’re used to seeing in Universal Analytics vs what you'll find in GA4

    • Acquisition Reports

    • Engagement Reports

    • Monetization Reports (if necessary)

    • Demographic Reports

    • Technology Reports



  • Creating your own visualizations

  • Behavior flow

  • Funnel reports



  • Conversion funnels (multi-channel funnels)

  • Touchpoints to conversion 

  • Model comparison


You will leave the training with an understanding of Google Analytics 4 and how to best use it for your clients. Depending on your current use of GA4, you may also leave with a migration plan for clients that aren't currently using GA4 to its full potential (or at all).

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