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You have the ability to know exactly what people are doing before, during, and after visiting your website. The question is, are you tracking that? Effectively? Let's double check and get you squared away.



Understand how your marketing efforts are working. Track everything: social media marketing, search engine optimization, website traffic, paid ad performance, etc. More importantly, track them TOGETHER.


Integrated analytics is a necessity for successful business in the 21st century. We will work with you to ensure you have the best data possible to make decisions.


All analytics setups and integrations are tested and trained. You will not only have ownership of your data, but functioning knowledge on how to access, analyze, and amend the setup as needed.

Popular Setup and

Integrations include:

  • Tag manager

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Mailchimp

  • Search Console

  • Event tracking

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It's What We DO


Keep track of the things that are important to you. Dashboards are created to bring the freshest, most important data to you at any given time. Depending on need, dashboards can be built in Google Data Studio or Google Analytics 4.

Benefits of Custom Dashboards

  • Keep clients in the loop

  • Automate client reporting

  • Lessen client questions

  • Monitor campaigns

  • Gather insights at a glance

  • Visualize KPIs and progress towards goals


Monthly or Quarterly Insights on Marketing Campaigns


Objective Specific Reports

All reports are built specific to the goals of the business and the marketing team. To ensure the most helpful reports, a 60-90 minute call is scheduled before any building. In this call we will talk about your business, what your business goals are, what marketing campaigns you are running and how you'd like to those campaigns pay off. This meeting will tell us what platforms need to be reported on and what metrics should be included.

Non Bias Insights 

An experienced marketing analyst, Brie E Anderson, will look over all of the data presented in the reports. Using the data available, and any other research deemed necessary, findings and suggestions will be added to reports before sharing. These findings and suggestions are non bias as BEAST Analytics has no intention on taking over marketing work - just helping businesses increase their marketing ROI through analytics and strategy. That means we aren't going to fluff any numbers for ya 😉

Easy to Read Format

Reports are created to be understood by anyone who picks them up. A fortune 500 CEO, a mom and pop shop owner, or a seasoned analyst should be able to comprehend the numbers. Data visualizations and infographic style reports help tell the story of your data without have to rely on complex formulas and estimates. However, for our nerdy friends, deeper reporting can be built into other pages of reports.

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