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The BEAST Analytics Audit

Welcome to the world where data isn't just numbers; it's the golden key to your marketing kingdom. And guess what? You're about to get a shiny new key. 😏


Introducing the BEAST Analytics Audit – your first step into a realm of clarity, strategy, and, let's be honest, a bit of nerdy fun with numbers.

A Comprehensive Review:

Where Depth Meets Precision

Dive into the depths of your data with our thorough review process. We meticulously analyze your Universal Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics 4 setup, leaving no stone unturned. We will examine every metric, dimension, and segment to ensure your analytics are not just operational, but optimal. 


See Beyond the Numbers
​Ever feel like your analytics is a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces? We're not just piece-finders; we're puzzle masters. We delve into the heart of your current analytics setup, illuminating not just what's there, but also its effectiveness and efficiency.


Custom-Tailored Insights

Your website is unique. Your analytics should be too. We don't do cookie-cutter; we do tailor-made. Brie will go through your site and take note of any and everything that should be collected - ya know, if you want the nerdy stuff that is 🤓

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Using % instead of absolutes to make numbers look higher (honestly, the reverse could be t

Download a Sample Audit

Now, just remember this is very much a stripped-down version of an audit... But taking a look a this sample can give you an idea of what you are in for when you get a BEAST Audit.

Mapping Document:

Your Analytics Blueprint


Imagine having a GPS for your website's analytics. That's what our Mapping Document is like. It's a detailed, easy-to-understand map of your current tracking setup. We detail what's being tracked, how it's being tracked, and most importantly, the effectiveness of each tracking event. This document becomes your go-to guide for understanding and improving your site's analytics setup.

Using % instead of absolutes to make numbers look higher (honestly, the reverse could be t

A Documentation Goldmine

Our audit isn't a one-and-done report; it's a collaborative tool. We provide detailed documentation that becomes a vital resource for your team. This includes clear guidelines and strategies that ensure your developers and marketers are on the same page, preventing any accidental changes in the backend that could disrupt your data flow.

Ready to get started?

Actionable Recommendations:

From Insights to Impact

This audit culminates in a set of actionable recommendations, each tailored to your unique needs. We don't just tell you what's happening; we show you how to leverage these insights for maximum impact. With detailed how-to's using Google Tag Manager (GTM), we equip you to turn these insights into actions. Whether it's enhancing user experience, improving conversion rates, or refining your marketing strategies, our recommendations are your stepping stones to success.

DIY Friendly

Fancy doing things in-house? Our audit is your DIY guide. Or, if you prefer, we're here to implement it all. Your call.

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Fresh Perspectives:

Spotting Opportunities Like a Hawk


Sometimes, it takes a new set of eyes to see what's been hidden in plain sight. Brie aims to bring a fresh perspective to your analytics, identifying opportunities and gaps with the keenness of a hawk. We don't just look at your data; we read the stories behind the numbers, uncovering insights that can transform your strategies.

Ooooopsies We've Caught... 

  • Duplicate events

  • Incorrectly configured events

  • Missing parameters/dimensions 

  • Unconfigured cross-domain tracking

  • Misconfigured cross-domain tracking

  • Incorrectly marked conversions

  • Incorrectly configured UTMs

  • Unconfigured ecommerce

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Are You Ready for an Audit?

Dive into the depths of your analytics with BEAST Analytics Audit. Uncover the insights you need, empower your team, and drive your business forward with confidence.

 Starting at $2,500 .

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