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The Wall of Ideas


Starting at $5,000

Here Is the Thing.. It's all Related 😳

That's right. When you run a pay-per-click campaign, your SEO is affecting your results. When you run an email campaign, it can be affected by your social media presence.

So our question is - are you tracking that?

These audits are our favorite types of audits. Not only do we get to see how your campaigns are performing on their native platform, but we get to see how they are intertwined into your overall marketing strategy.

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Analytics Deep Dive


Get a report on how each of your campaigns is working independently, as well as how they are working together. Get past the vanity metrics and find the numbers that matter. We will create a report that highlights what is working and what's not.

Customer Journey

Your data will tell a story. The story can show you where your consumers are coming from, how they travel around, and where they are getting lost. We will paint a clear picture of all of your customer journies.


Coffee Shop Talk

Brie E Anderson has a strong belief that value comes from understanding. All of your data will be presented to you in a way that people of all marketing levels can understand, the goal is to talk as if you would talk about it at a coffee shop. CEOs, CMOs, owners, board people, analysts, and accountants alike.


Maximized Gains

Everyone is in business because they make money. If you can make the money, you can keep your business. However, when you run multiple campaigns, it can be unclear as to where money is being made. We are here to help you mine and maximize gold and bury unprofitable campaigns.

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New Eyes Can Lead to Revenue Growth

By getting a new look at your data, you open the door to growth opportunities. Let's work together to see what you've achieved and where you are going to achieve next.

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