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GA4 Set Up for Ads Kickers

GA4 Set Up for Ads Kickers


✅  ​Proper Account Setup

We will make sure you are collecting all their data correctly and Enhanced measurement is collecting all of the right things. Also, we will make sure you're covered from all of the little things Google has hidden in the accounts settings (timezones, data retention times, demographic collection, etc).

✅  ​Event Collection

We will help you collect:

- Outbound Clicks

- File Downloads

- First Visits

- Session Starts

- Page Views

- Scrolls

- User Engagement

- YouTube Video Engagements 

- Form Submissions (for ONE form)

✅  Report Set Up

All of your information from Universal Analytics (and more) is actually available in GA4, believe it or not. 😉  You will have the following reports after setup:​

- Acquisition Reports

- Engagement Reports

- Conversion Reports

- Monetization Reports

- Demographic Reports

- Technology Reports

- Multi-Touch Conversion Reports

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