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Analytics Audit

Website Analytics Audit

This is where we start! ($2,500+)

This is where Brie goes over the things you currently have set up for tracking, including your current Universal Analytics & and Google Analytics 4 events. These events are noted in a mapping document that describes how the events are tracked and whether or not they're tracking correctly.

Brie also takes the time to go through your site and take note of any and all events/dimensions that *should* be tracked in order for you to make the best marketing decisions.

Along with the mapping document and audit, the audit is delivered with an estimate for BEAST to setup your GA4 property using Google Tag Manager.

Upon completion of the audit, we will schedule a meeting to go over the findings and then go over an estimate for setup. 

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Google Analytics 4 Setup

Audit complete? Awesome! Now we can talk setups.

If you are okay with the setup price and scope outlined in the audit, we will get your Google Analytics 4 property to collect and share all outlined events and dimensions.


A special note, we do all of our setups using Google Tag Manager. Every setup comes with a mapping document that lays out all of the events that were setup, where they are setup, what tags and triggers they reference, and what dimensions are passed using GTM.  


Once we have all of that work done, we send it over to you to review and ensure it's exactly what you were looking for.

G4 Setup

Now Choose Your Adventure...

GA4 Training

Agency or Business GA4 Training

What even is GA4? Let us show you. ($2,500)

In this two-hour training, Brie E Anderson will walk your team through the GA4 platform. This training is customized, recordable and is recommended for groups of 15 or fewer.

During the training, you can expect to learn how GA4 accounts are setup, what secrets Google keeps in the admin panel, where your favorite Universal Analytics reports live in GA4, how to customize your GA4 experience and how to keep all of your data flowing into the platform correctly. 



Keep a pulse on your marketing performance. 

($1,000/mo for 6 months minimum)

Receive a once-a-month video review of a custom dashboard that covers your KPIs. In this video, we explain anything interesting find and make recommendations based on the data provided in the dashboard. If necessary, we may jump into GA4 to do more digging. This video is usually 10-15 minutes and you are always able to ask any follow-up questions. 

Become Data-Driven

($2,500/mo for 3 meeting minimum)

We offer a BEAST program that includes a once-a-month (or once-a-quarter) 60-90-minute debrief on the current state of your marketing efforts. With this option, Brie E Anderson reviews the data before the meeting to lay out anything important to discuss as it pertains to the efforts.


This program focuses on surpassing your benchmark (starting) numbers. In the meeting, we will discuss the findings and what that means for the strategy, whether we keep moving forward as is, pivot the strategy somehow, etc.


1-on-1 Analytics Consultation

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